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From Analytics to Zia. Read About zSource.

Founded as Pacifix in 1996

We have specialized in many software products including NetSuite, Sage, Quickbooks, SalesForce.

Wealth of Experience

We have a years and years working in industries such as tech, engineering, pharma, telecom, real estate, and green energy.

Certified Project Managers

Our credentials include: PMP, CSM, SCPM and SAFe. Project Management is setting expectations and delivering results.

Startup to Fortune 100

We have worked in all sizes of organizations as well as non-profit and goverment.

Almost Always Agile.

Experience shows iterative implementation and optimization projects make for best practices when it comes to client engagements.

Training Specialists

We offer one-on-one training, workshops, videos, custom classes and more. We make it hands-on so you can be the next SME.

Change Management

Change Management takes time and adjustment. New products may mean sunsetting old ones, rethinking procedures and roles. We can guide you every step of the way.

Customer is Key.

Customers understand their business better than anyone. We focus on your vision utilizing the right products to provide your solution.

We Deliver. Success.

Results matter. The sooner we get you running, the sooner you become the SME, the sooner you see benefits.


What we don't know, we learn. When we get it wrong, we tell you. We keep you informed.

We Eat Our Own Zoho.

Where do we keep our leads? CRM. How do we manage engagements? Sprints. How do we run events? Backstage. Where do we keep our Documents? Workdrive. How do we demo products? Showtime.

Subject Matter Expertise

Expertise has three main ingredients: components — identifying what everything is, analysis — identify how everything works, relevance — identify where this product best fits.

Experience. Credentials. Agile.


zSource offers Enterprise Solutions using Zoho Software. zSource provides excellence in professional services through its consulting area of practice. In addition, zSource Academy offers training for the approximately 50 Zoho Cloud-Based Software Applications. zSource, a division of Pacifix Consulting was founded in 1996. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Las Vegas. We service clients globally.

Pacifix Consulting

Pacifix was founded 23 years ago. The firm specializes in management and systems consulting. Amongst the many software packages deployed are NetSuite, Salesforce, Sage, Platinum, Quickbooks as well as custom apps. In 2014, we began to work with select Zoho products. In 2018, Joel and Ty founded zSource offering Zoho Consulting and Zoho Training. Pacifix now focuses on Agile Software Management.

Joel Goldfarb PMP, CSM

Joel has been consulting and training since 1996 when he founded Pacifix. He cofounded zSource as a separate brand in in 2018 to focus exclusively on Zoho Software. Joel's background includes accounting, technology, project management He is as well-known for his fastidious leadership skills as he is for his creativity.

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