Accounting & Human Resources

Finance and Administration Simplified.

Zoho Books | Zoho Finance Consulting


Books is the cornerstone of your accounting. Think of it as quicker books. Integrates with the entire suite including Analytics and CRM and countless 3rd party apps.

Zoho People


The ultimate HR solution to manage employees. Handles policies, offers, on boarding, attendance, timekeeping, training and more.


A powerful tool for recruiting. Tracking applicants and resumes which simplies hiring. Ideal for HR teams and staffing organizations.

Zoho Invoice


A great accounting solution for freelancers. You can also upgrade to Zoho Books when you are ready!

Zoho Payroll


Integrated Payroll that works with Zoho Books, Projects, People and more.

Zoho Expense Reporting


Scan receipts from your phone, then code them. Saves time doing expense reports and keeping track of paper.

Zoho Inventory | Zoho Finance Consulting


Kick your warehouse accounting into high gear with this premium inventory application.

Zoho Subscriptions


Ideal for subscription — recurring revenue. Simplify billing. Exceed customer expectations.

Zoho Checkout


Your online shopping cart integrated with accounting.

Ready for Zoho Consulting?

Our agile approach to Zoho consulting is unique. (1) We start with your highest priorities in addition to the must-haves. (2) We provide an uncomplicated professional services agreement with a deliverables timeline. (3) We work in sprints which include testing and training. (4) We move on to the next sprint when you are comfortable moving to the next step. We want to be your Zoho Consultants.

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